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Maksimir Park

Local name: Park Maksimir

The Maksimir Park in Zagreb covers an area of 316 hectares, which makes it the largest park in Southern Europe. Tourists can visit the zoo and the Echo Pavilion designed by Franz Schücht. Another attraction is the 600-year-old oak "Dedek". The park was recognized as a natural monument.

Maksimir was founded in the eighteenth century on the initiative of Bishop Maksymilian Vrhovac. In the 1830s, it was given the character of English gardens. However, it was designed in such a way as to disturb the natural ecosystem as little as possible. There are five lakes, both natural and artificial.

Almost all the buildings in the park were built on the basis of Franz Schücht's plans. The park was created in the area of the former oak-hornbeam forest that belonged to the Zagreb bishops.


Attractions inside

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