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The Walloon Region is one of the three federal regions of Belgium. It occupies the southern part of the country, diversified in terms of landscape, with the Ardennes and numerous small towns.

The capital of the Walloon Region is Namur, which lies at the mouth of the River Sambra to the Meuse. It is a center with Roman and Celtic roots, in which Gothic and Baroque churches and picturesque Old Town buildings with stone houses have been preserved.

Southern Belgium is a French-speaking area whose inhabitants are very much attached to tradition. Towns and villages are full of traditional houses, in many villages cheese and other food preparations are still made according to traditional recipes, and the inhabitants wear regional costumes on major holidays.

The Walloon region is very diverse in terms of landscape. Add charm to it overgrown with forests and surrounded from the north and west by the waters of the Meuse Ardennes, where there are many walking and cycling routes. These mountains reach less than 700 m above sea level and are rich in coal and iron deposits. They contain industrial monuments, including former mines and smelters.

The main tourist centers of the Walloon Region are the famous Spa Spa, near which is the Spa-Francorchamps race track, Tournai with Notre Dame cathedral, Charleroi, which is the Belgian comic book capital, and the castles of Bouillon and La Roche-en-Ardenne.

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