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Bouillon is a small city in the Ardennes, picturesquely located on the bend of the Semois River. Its main monument is a Gothic castle standing on a hill above the valley.

The city is surrounded by wooded hills, which are great for hiking and cycling. There are many hiking trails here, and the area is very picturesque, mainly due to the bends of the river.

The first mention of the castle of Bouillon comes from the 10th century. Its most famous owner in the Middle Ages was Godfryd of Bouillon, one of the organizers of the first Crusade and King of Jerusalem. The Gothic castle stands on a hill above the town's buildings. There is a nice view of the valley and the surrounding hills. In the stronghold, courtyards, towers and part of the underground are available.

Below the castle is concentrated the main town buildings. There are relatively few historic buildings here, but the whole makes a good impression thanks to the uniform building that blends in nicely with the landscape.

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