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Citadel of Dinant

Local name: Citadelle de Dinant

Citadelle de Dinant is a defensive structure that dates back to the 11th century. The edifice dominating the entire city was built to control the Meuse Valley. It is now the seat of a museum of weapons and military items. The exhibitions present the history of the building and the history of the city of Dinant. The Citadel also offers attractions not related to history: a playground, cable car, viewpoints and tourist cruises on the Meuse.

The history of the current building of the citadel began with the destruction of the city by the army of Charles the Brave in 1466. In 1530, Bishop Liege rebuilt and enlarged the citadel, which survived unchanged until 1703, when it was captured by the French army. Shortly afterwards, the building was rebuilt by an outstanding military engineer and architect, Sébastien le Prestre de Vauban.

The Citadel was a place of fierce fighting between the combined French and Belgian forces and the invading Germany in August 1914. There was a massacre of civilians in which 674 Dinant residents were killed one day.


Attractions inside

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