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Dinant is a charming city in the Meuse valley, at the foot of rocky cliffs. Above the buildings there is a huge citadel, which dates back to the 9th century. The area is known as a place for active tourism, including cycling and canoeing.

The beginnings of the town date back to the 9th century, when the first defensive stronghold was built on the cliff above the Meuse Valley. With time, it was transformed into a castle, which, among others he defended the stone bridge located here on the Meuse. In the Middle Ages, Dinant was famous for making metal decorations and everyday objects. Candlesticks, decorations and other items from local craft workshops can be seen, among others at the church in Dinant and other towns in the area.

Two buildings stand out in the Dinant panorama. The first is the church of the Virgin Mary standing under a rock cliff with a Gothic facade and an unusual tower with an onion-shaped crown. The temple was rebuilt several times, including after a large part of the rock wall had hit the original structure.

The walls of the citadel of Dinant rise above the church. Although its origins date back to the ninth century, the current appearance is 1000 years later. Inside today is a museum of military and military facilities. The walls are a great viewpoint on the Meuse valley. You can get to the fortress by climbing over 400 stairs or by using the cable car.

The city is also known as the birthplace of Adolf Sax, the creator of the saxophone. There is a small museum dedicated to him, you can also see a statue of the saxophone and the bench of Adolf Sax. Within the old town there is also a museum of Leffe beer produced by Trappists. During a guided tour, you can learn the secrets of its production, and finally take part in a tasting. At Dinant, couque hard cookies are also produced.

Dinant is a good place for active tourism. Canoeing, swimming on pedal boats are popular, and climbing enthusiasts can be found on rocky cliffs. In summer, cruise ships run along the Meuse, and there are walking and cycling routes nearby.

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