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The Boverie Liege

Local name: La Boverie Liege

La Boverie Liège Belgium is a former Museum of Fine Arts and a modern exhibition space erected in 2010. On the ground floor there are permanent exhibitions presenting paintings collections, which include works by artists such as Lambert Lombard, Gérard de Lairesse, Ingres, Gauguin, Chagall, Picasso , Evenepoel, Delvaux, Magritte. Floor with exhibition area 2.8 thousand m2 is intended for temporary exhibitions.

The Palace of Fine Arts was built in 1904-1905 especially for world fairs. The building designed by Jean-Laurent Hasse and Charles Soubre is a rectangular space measuring 80 x 40 m, illuminated by natural light coming through the glass roofs. It was surrounded by a park with Chinese and Japanese gardens, decorative ponds and extensive lawns.

In 2010, a new part of the museum was created, which was designed by the French architect Rudy Ricciotti. He preserved the building of the Palace of Fine Arts, adding a glazed, 1200 sq m pavilion supported by 21 steel columns.


Attractions inside

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