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St. Paul's Cathedral Liège

Local name: Cathédrale Saint-Paul de Liège

St. Patrick's Cathedral Paweł is a building whose oldest, Romanesque fragments come from the 10th century. The main building was erected from the 13th to the 16th century in the Gothic style. It replaced the small Romanesque church Saint-Germain built in 833. The temple acquired its present shape in the years 1417-1430.

The cathedral is built on a cross plan. It is nearly 83 m long, 11 m wide, and the transept (transverse nave) reaches 33.5 m. The total height of the building is 24 m. Inside are stained glass windows by Gottfried Honegger (1917-2016), made with traditional technology of lead-bonded glass mosaic . Their theme is seven days of creating the world. The main altar built in 1881-1894 was made of gilded brass, which creates a spectacular setting for white marble sculptures.

Legend has it that the location of the temple was chosen by St. Paul, who visited Bishop Éracle in his dream and said that he would find a place for construction after waking up. In the morning it snowed, but one piece of land was free from it, which the bishop read as an infallible clue.


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