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Grand Curtius Museum

Local name: Le Grand Curtius

Grand Curtius is the former residence of Jean Curtius (1551-1628), a businessman enriched in the supply of gunpowder to the Spanish army. The red brick and stone house built in 1597-1610 represents a regional style known as the Mosan Renaissance. Currently, Grand Curtius is the seat of the Curtius Museum, whose weapons and military collection is one of the most magnificent in the world.

The museum was created from a combination of collections of several different institutions: the archeology museum, the weapon museum, the decorative art museum, the religious art museum and the Mosan Renaissance style. Noteworthy monuments in the collection of Curtius Museum include 12th century gilded triptych from the church of St. Of the cross, sculptures by Jean Del Cour and a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte, whose author is Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, one of the greatest French painters of the 19th century

In 2009, a renovation and expansion of Grand Curtius worth EUR 50 million was completed for the purposes of presenting combined museum collections. Currently, the museum complex consists of buildings constructed in the period from the 16th to the 21st century.


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