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Bastogne War Museum

Local name: Bastogne War Museum

Bastogne War Museum is an institution dedicated to the documentation and presentation of the history of World War II, with particular emphasis on the battle of the Ardennes. This is one of the youngest Belgian museums that opened in 2014 and at the same time one of the most modern in Europe. The exhibition is divided into several multimedia dioramas that show the war from the perspective of fighting soldiers and civilians.

One installation allows visitors to move to the headquarters of the Allied headquarters. Inna is an arranged felling of the forest in the Ardennes. Another is a stylized cafe from the war. Visitors to the exhibition are in the center of events - e.g. through the windows of the cafe they can watch American soldiers (archival film displayed on monitors replacing windows) who have just entered Antwerp.

Next to the museum is the Mardasson Memorial - erected in 1950 a monument to American soldiers who liberated Belgium from Nazi occupation. The building in the shape of a five-pointed star is the work of architect Georges Dedoyard.


Attractions inside

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    Colline du Mardasson 56600 Bastogne , Belgium