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Museum of the Barracks

Local name: Bastogne Barracks

The Barracks Museum has existed since 2010. Its headquarters are buildings of authentic military barracks, which during the battle in the Ardennes in 1944 housed the headquarters of the Allied forces. In the basement, a room was reconstructed in which American General Anthony Clement McAuliffe uttered historical vulgarism: "Nuts," or "Nonsense", and in free translation "Such a shaft!" This was a response to the German demand for surrender Bastogne.

In 2010, the Bastogne Barracks became the World War II Information Center. In addition to the Allied staff, you can see a lot of military equipment here, including armored vehicles and artillery. An armored weapon restaurant workshop also operates here.

On December 21, 1944, the 101st Airborne Division of General McAuliffe was surrounded in Bastogne and cut off from major US forces. Despite the massive attacks lasting many days, the Germans failed to capture the city. The Battle of Bastogne became the turning point of the Ardennes campaign.


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    Rue de La-Roche 406600 Bastogne , Belgium