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House Leffe

Local name: Maison Leffe

Maison Leffe is an abbey of Norbertines, founded in 1152. From 1240, the place was known for brewing excellent beer, which was made for the needs of pilgrims. Currently, the Maison Leffe houses a beer museum. It presents the history of brewing in Belgium, offers sightseeing combined with tasting, as well as the possibility of buying beer and renting rooms for special events.

The museum is fully digitized - visiting the exhibitions and rooms of the former monastery (now a hotel is located here) is done without a guide. You can see traditional beer production equipment exhibited in historic walls and learn about technology.

At the time of its greatest prosperity, which occurred in the 18th century, the secular brewing master produced the famous liquor for the needs of the abbey. The end of the order's development and production of beer was marked by the French Revolution, during which the religious congregation was canceled. After the abbey was restored in 1952, beer production was resumed based on medieval recipes.


Attractions inside

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