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Place Ducale

Local name: Place Ducale

Ducale Square in Charleville Mezieres is a Renaissance urban space surrounded by buildings in the style of Henry III and Louis XIII. It is considered a twin square in relation to the Vosges Square in Paris.

The square was marked out at the beginning of the 17th century. Its buildings were designed by Clément Métezeau, brother of Louis Métereau, who was the author of the Vosges Square in Paris. The buildings at the square are characterized by symmetry and regularity. They have 4 floors, 4 windows on each floor, 4 roof windows and 4 arcades each. The square measures 127 by 90 meters. It's paved. In the center stands a fountain with the statue of Charles de Gonzague, the founder of its building.


Attractions inside

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    Place Ducale 3308000 Charleville-Mézières , France