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Military History Museum of Mons

Local name: Musée d’Histoire militaire de Mons

The modern museum is devoted to military history from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, with special emphasis on the events of the First and Second World Wars. Its collections contain over 5,000 exhibits. Permanent exhibitions are regularly supplemented with temporary thematic exhibitions.

Traditional exhibitions are intertwined with audiovisual ones that allow you to hear or view the original testimonies of survivors of the war. They include recordings, but also preserved letters, diaries, notebooks and collected interviews. The sightseeing route is adapted to the needs of the disabled, including the visually impaired. You can also visit it with a guide.

The museum was opened in 2015. It is located in a nineteenth-century industrial hall, from where drinking water was pumped for the city's inhabitants. The museum was opened as part of the Mons 2015 cultural project.


Attractions inside

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    Boulevard Dolez 517000 Mons , Belgium