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Local name: Grand-Place de Mons

The spacious square is located in the historic city center. It used to serve as an execution site and market square. It is currently closed to car traffic. The 15th-century Gothic town hall, the Royal Theater, historic tenement houses and the Saint-Georges chapel stand next to it.

In the center there is a modern fountain, installed in 2006. It consists of several dozen water jets pushing water into the air. Around the square there are also numerous restaurants and cafes with outdoor tables and gardens. In autumn, an amusement park is held on the square for several weeks, and in winter, an annual Christmas market is held here. There is also an artificial ice rink.

On June 16, 1846, Euphras Deroux, sentenced for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, was executed in the square on a guillotine. It was the last woman in Belgium to be condemned to death.


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    Grand Place 87000 Mons , Belgium