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Located adjacent to the French border, Mons is the center of the former mining district of Borinage, as well as a historic trading center. It is also known for the 13th century tradition of the Holy Trinity celebrations called Le Doudou.

The history of Mons dates back to Roman and Celtic times, while as a stronghold it developed in the 17th century next to the monastery and castle of Count Hainaut. In the Middle Ages it was an important trade center, and because of its location also an arena of competition between neighboring countries.

A large part of the medieval and Baroque urban buildings have been preserved to this day, the center of which is the Grand Place with the 15th century town hall and the baroque belfry of Beffroi. Around there are renovated merchant houses, which now houses restaurants, cafes and guesthouses.

The most important monument of the city is the Gothic collegiate church of St. Waldetrudy with valuable monuments of sacred art. It is here that the main Le Doudou celebrations take place, during which the battle of Saint. George and his helpers with the dragon.

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