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Natural History Museum

Local name: Musée d'Histoire Naturelle

The museum of natural history has more than 10,000 exhibits. They include animal collections from Belgium and Europe, as well as from around the world. The collections include taxidermy and skeletons of both modern living animals and extinct species such as New Zealand's endemic Kurobród.

Among the exhibits is also the skeleton of Julius Koch, one of the twelve people in the history of medicine, whose height exceeded 2.40 m. Before the amputation of limbs, necessary due to gangrene, the man measured 256 cm. He was the supreme European during his lifetime.

The museum's collection includes representatives of 635 species of mammals and several hundred species of birds. In addition, an extensive nature library has been gathered here. Temporary exhibitions are also regularly organized here, including biodiversity or agriculture.


Attractions inside

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    Rue des Gaillers 77000 Mons , Belgium