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Church of Saint James

Local name: Église collégiale Saint-Jacques

The church James the Younger Apostle, is currently an eclectic and originally Gothic temple of the Benedictine abbey founded in 1015. It is famous for the most beautiful stained glass windows in Belgium, considered the most valuable of this type 16th-century monument in the world.

The church is 90 m long, 30 m wide and 38 m high. In the interior, next to the magnificent stained glass windows, the nave vault with 150 keystones stands out. The temple is equipped with impressive Baroque organs and a collection of sculptures by Jean Del Cour depicting the saints of the Catholic Church.

Eglise Saint-Jacques was built on the site of a much earlier Romanesque temple. The construction was finally completed in 1538. In 1801, the collegiate church became a parish church after the demolition of the monastery and the abbey buildings. In their place modern secular buildings were erected.



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Place Saint Jacques 84000 Liège, Belgium