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Chorzów is a city belonging to the Upper Silesian Industrial District and is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the region. There is the Silesian Park, also known as the lungs of Silesia, with numerous attractions for families with children.

The beginnings of Chorzów as an industrial town date back to the second half of the 18th century, when hard coal deposits were discovered here. The city was built on the site of former Silesian villages. From the beginning of the 19th century, workers' colonies were built, in addition to mines, steelworks were also built here.

An important date in the history of the city was the year 1950, when the idea emerged to create the Silesian Park on the former post-industrial areas and heaps. Over 600 hectares of land are designated for recreation and relaxation, creating the largest sports and leisure areas in Silesia. The Silesian Stadium was also built in the park, which, after modernization, serves footballers and event organizers to this day.

In Park Śląski there are various attractions that allow people of all ages and interests to spend time. In addition to recreational areas and walking and cycling paths, there is the Silesian Zoological Garden, Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park presenting the folk culture of the inhabitants of Upper Silesia, the rosarium and the Silesian Planetarium.

The most important attractions of Chorzów include the Silesian Amusement Park "Legendia", the modernized and oldest amusement park in Poland. One of the longest lowland cable cars in Europe, the route of which in the past ran through the entire park, is also very popular. Currently, only one section leading to the Silesian Stadium is open and renovated.

In addition to the park in the city, you can visit the Museum in Chorzów, the Command Bunker of the Fortified Area "Silesia" and the former mine shaft, the President Shaft, which is a monument of functionalist architecture.

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