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Forest Park of Surprises

Local name: Leśny Park Niespodzianek

Forest Park of Suprises in Ustronie has been integrated into the natural surroundings of Równica slope in Beskid Śląski, which, among others, consists of the old tree stand. At the park area one can see bisons, cervids, mouflons, wild boars and other animals, but the most characteristic of this place are birds of prey. One of the main attractions of the Forest Park of Surprises are flight shows of birds of prey which are organized on regular basis by professional falconers.

Zoo in Ustronie was established in 2002. In the area of the Forest Park of Suprises - in specially separated farms - bisons, fallow deers, red deers, eastern deers and roe deers can walk around, as well as wild boars and moufflons. The Park is also inhabited by raccoon dogs, raccoons, wildcats, Carpathian goats and other animals. In giant cages different species of owls and birds of prey are located (among others: steppe eagle, kestrel or common buzzard).


Attractions inside

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