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"President" Shaft

Local name: Szyb Prezydent

The President Shaft, once owned by the mine in Chorzów, is today a popular viewing terrace. After walking up 201 steps and reaching the height of 34 m, you can observe the panorama of Chorzów and the surrounding area. The "Sztygarka" complex created in the post-industrial area is one of the most fashionable places in Chorzów. On its premises there is the President Shaft and a modern playground.

The President Shaft itself is a phenomenon in Upper Silesia - as one of the few, it was built of reinforced concrete. During its heyday, it was a very modern piece of equipment for the mine and it extracted nearly 5,200 tons of coal a day. The shaft operated until 1993, and in 2008 was inscribed on the list of monuments in Chorzów.


Attractions inside

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