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Silesian Insurgents' Monument

Local name: Pomnik Powstańców Śląskich

The Silesian Insurgents Monument is the main object of interest for tourists visiting the Silesian Insurgents Park. The 61-ton monument has been appreciated by many art critics. To the creation of the monument's design contributed sculptor prof. Gustaw Zemła and architect Wojciech Zabłocki.

The Silesian Insurgents Monument commemorates the insurgents fighting in three uprisings against the German authorities. These were the battles for the incorporation of Upper Silesia to Poland - so they are remembered as very important historical events for this area, and the monument commemorating these events became an extremely valuable symbol for the inhabitants of Katowice.

The Silesian Insurgents Monument in Katowice was unveiled on the square of the former court garden in 1967. The monument depicts three eagle wings - one for each uprising of people living in Upper Silesia. The sculpture is made of steel. Its form was cast by the Technical Equipment Plant in Gliwice.


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