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Gliwice Palm House

Local name: Palmiarnia Miejska

The City Palm House in Gliwice presents many exotic and domesticated plant species including very old specimens of over 150 years old. The Palm House is also inhabited by exotic animals. Their terrariums, aquariums, and cages are located in different pavilions.

The entrance to the Palm House is guarded by "Lying lions" - iron sculptures from 1830. The first greenhouses were built in 1880. The today's Palm House was established in 1924.

The City Palm House in Gliwice is divided into five pavilions. The first pavilion is overgrown with domesticated plants, the second with tropical plants, the third is dedicated to history, the fourth exhibits succulents, and the fifth consists of aquariums. The first four pavilions also have terrariums with reptiles, cages with exotic birds, and aquariums with rays and turtles.


Attractions inside

    Gliwice Palm House map
    Aleksandra Fredry 644-100 Gliwice , Poland