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Maciej Shaft

Local name: Szyb Maciej

Located in Zabrze, Maciej Shaft is a complex of buildings belonging to the mine Concordia, adapted for museum rooms and service points. This complex consists of, very well restored, shaft together with a lift tower and an engine room, as well as of many smaller buildings adjacent to the mines.

During a visit to Maciej Shaft in Zabrze, one can gain a deep knowledge of many aspects of twentieth century mining. Tourists visiting the facility have the opportunity to see the buildings and original equipment of once existing mining plant, to see how the winding machine works, to get acquainted with areas of Zabrze and Gliwice from perspective, which is available from viewing platform and – in the end – to go down to the water intake.

Some of the buildings of Pithead Maciej were transformed into a restaurant and a bistro. These places are decorated in a style referring to mining and in the menu one can find dishes typical to the local cuisine.


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