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Chudów Castle

Local name: Zamek w Chudowie

Although only ruins remain of the castle, archaeological research has been conducted here and work is underway to rebuild the building. The restored castle tower is now available to visitors and houses a small museum. Historic events and the "Medieval Fair" are organized in the castle. In its surroundings, an outdoor exhibition was created: "Silesian Demons". The granary from the 18th century adjacent to the castle also deserves attention.

A Renaissance stone and brick castle was built in the 16th century. It was built by Jan Gierałtowski. In the 18th century, the building was ruled by the Foglarów family and at that time it was one of the most magnificent residences in Upper Silesia. In the nineteenth century, Alexander von Bally became the ruler of the castle, who significantly rebuilt the building. A brewery and an inn were established here. In 1875, however, a fire broke out here, which destroyed a large part of the building.


Attractions inside

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