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Queen Louise Adit

Local name: Sztolnia Królowa Luiza

Queen Luisa Mining Museum, part of the Coal Mining Museum in Zabrze, is a post-industrial area, nowadays considered an interesting tourist attraction of Upper Silesia. It consists of the underground mines of Queen Luiza, Carnall and Park 12 C and Bajtel Gruba, an educational and recreational space.

The Queen Luisa Mine was founded in 1791. An open-air museum covering its infrastructure and sites was made available to visitors in 1993 and is still undiscovered to this day.

Visiting Miner's Castle, Luisa, it is impossible not to take advantage of the possibility of a trip in the underground excavations located at a depth of 36 m. However, to get to know the miner's work well, one should also take a moment to explore the buildings and equipment belonging to the Carnall complex. Steam extractor, shaft shop, and rescue station.


Attractions inside

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