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Gliwice Radio Tower

Local name: Radiostacja Gliwice

The Gliwice radio station, subjected to the Museum in Gliwice, is a wooden broadcasting tower, which is 111.11 meters high. It is the highest construction of this type in the world. Due to the unusual nature of the building, Gliwice radio station was entered in 2017 on the list of Monuments of History. Besides the tower, the museum also owns a transmitting station, in which almost all of the station control devices have been preserved.

The builiding of the radio station took place in the 1930s. The Gliwice radio station broadcasted radio programs till 1950s. In later years, the radio station building was used to produce medium wave transmitters, and also to carry out emission tests.

The Gliwice radio station has been functioning in the form of a museum since 2005. Visitors can see there, among others, 8-kilowatt radio transmitter, operating table with the majority of measuring devices, control cabinet, and other devices used to control the radio station.


Attractions inside

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    Tarnogórska 129 Gliwice , Poland