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Guido Mine

Local name: Kopalnia Guido

The only museum of that type in the world was established inside the Guido coal mine in Zabrze which is closed for years. The museum, known as the Monumental Black Coal Cave Guido gives an opportunity to explore the deepest corners of the cave and learn about a typical infrastructure of this type of mining.

Located deep in the underground, the museum is dedicated to the mining in Upper Silesia which is an exceptionally important branch of industry for that region. Tourists can view three excavation levels situated at a height of 170m, 320m, and 355m. Every level consists of different installation presenting the aspects of mining.

The first level shows the work of miners at the turn of the 20th century. Its exposition also presents the traditions of miners such as famous Barbórka. The next level consists of services including restaurants. In the deepest excavation guest can feel like real miners - the exploration of the dark passages includes miner's outfits and mining lamps.


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