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Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the largest city of this country. Picturesquely located at the mouth of the River Liffey to the sea, the city is famous for the production of beer and whiskey, as well as the Temple Bar pub visited by thousands of tourists.

Dublin is a city with a long and rich history, which, however, does not quite translate into the number of monuments. The oldest of them include churches, the Romanesque Saint Audoen and the Gothic cathedral of Saint. Patrick's Day. In the city center there is also a castle with medieval roots, which is a symbol of British power for the Irish.

However, the vast majority of the city's historic buildings are 19th and 20th century buildings. Among them, the neo-Gothic Trinity College deserves special attention, in whose library the famous Book of Kells is kept, as well as the neoclassical town hall and parliament building.

Dublin's axis is the Liffey River. From the beginning of the 21st century, the former port and warehouse districts are changing into vibrant quarters of modern buildings. However, the further you go deeper into the city, the more familiar you can feel. Adjacent to the river is one of the most famous bar districts in Europe, Temple Bar, where beer to the sounds of lively Irish songs pouring from the afternoon until late at night.

Right next to Temple Bar stands a monument - a symbol of the city with the figure of the street vendor Molly Malone. Those who want to see where what they drink in bars can, in turn, visit the Guinness Brewery and the Jameson whiskey distillery.

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