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Dubh Linn Garden

Dubh Linn Garden is a small green area near Dublin Castle. It was established on the site of a pond which in the past was connected with the Liffely River. The grounds consist of a circular lawn with paths in Celtic patterns and several theme gardens on the outskirts.

In the Middle Ages there was a pond below the castle (Dubh Linn means "dark pond". In the middle of the 20th century a helipad was located here. The gardens were established in 1994 on the occasion of the Irish presidency of the European Union. They are to refer to the Celtic tradition and to commemorate historical events .

The central part of the garden is a round lawn. It is intersected by paved walkways twisting in different directions, which create Celtic patterns. There are lawns on the outskirts. One of them, surrounding the fountain, is dedicated to the volunteers working during the Disabled People's Olympics. A small garden with shrubs and flowers is dedicated to the journalist Veronica Guerin, murdered by drug dealers for whom she wrote investigative articles.


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