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Saint Enda's Park

A public park in Dublin, Ireland. There is an 18th-century building of a former school run by Patrick Pearse, one of the leaders of the 1916 Easter uprising. Today, it is a place of active outdoor recreation, as well as a museum dedicated to the famous Irishman.

The Hermitage, because that is the name of the former school and museum building, was built in 1780. The museum has reconstructions of most of the original rooms, the most popular being Pearse's office, family lounge, school art gallery, school museum and one of the dormitories. We will also see a gallery devoted exclusively to the sculpture of William Pearse, brother of Patrick, who taught art at St. Enda. Visitors can also visit the nature study room in the courtyard behind the schoolhouse, which contains exhibits of Irish plants and animals.


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