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Russborough House and park

Russborough House is an 18th century mansion located near the Blessington Lakes. It is considered the longest house in Ireland with a facade measuring 210 m. It is an example of Palladian architecture and was designed by Richard Cassels. The interior of the house features flowery plaster on the ceilings by the Lafranchini brothers. There are two art collections in Russborough, including paintings by Goya, Vermeer, Peter Paul Rubens and Thomas Gainsborough.

In the gardens adjacent to the residence there are, among others, a vast labyrinth of beech hedges. In its center there is a statue of a cupid. It is a popular attraction for children, referring to the Goblet of Fire from the adventures of Harry Potter.

The mansion's art collection was stolen four times. In 1974 by the IRA, in 1986 by Martin Cahill, nicknamed "The General", and in 2001 and in 2002 by his associate, Martin Foley.


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