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Jameson Distillery Bow St.

Jameson Distillery Bow St. is a distillery where Jameson's Irish whiskey was distilled until 1971. It is now a visitors center that organizes guided tours and alcohol tastings. There is also a bar and a gift shop. The tour includes, among others a visit to the so-called maturation store, where you can taste Jameson whiskey straight from the barrel.

The original distillery here was called Distillery Bow Street and it was established in 1780. John Jameson, previously the CEO, took ownership and expanded it in 1805. Five years later the plant was officially renamed John Jameson & Son's Bow Street Distillery . At that time, it was a kind of "city within a city". It housed a forge, sawmills, carpentry shops and other plants. Cellars were dug under nearby streets to store the maturing whiskey. It was one of the last distilleries in Ireland. It eventually closed and operations moved from Dublin to the Midleton distillery.


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