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Františkovy Lázně is one of the most popular Czech spas. A charming resort with classicist, yellow and white buildings, it was founded by Emperor Francis I and in the past was a popular holiday destination for the Czech and Austrian elites.

The city is located within the famous Czech spa triangle, Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Františkovy Lázně. Although mineral waters were used here from the 16th century, it was not until the second half of the 18th century that Emperor Francis I founded a resort here. Its buildings were built over the next several decades and has a consistent, stylistically uniform character. Additionally, thanks to the decree of the authorities, the buildings could only be painted in yellow and white. To this day, Frantiskovy Lazne is sometimes called "the yellow spa".

The oldest of the springs discovered in the resort is now located in the Franciszek Pump Room, built in 1832. The founder is also remembered by the Monument to Francis I, where he is depicted as a little boy holding a fish, a symbol of fertility. In this way, the original profile of the spa, which specialized in the treatment of female diseases, is symbolically presented. In the picturesque Spa Park you can also see the New Colonnade, the Glauber Spring Pump Room, and the Natalia Spring. Due to the fact that the city was eagerly visited by the Russians, an Orthodox church was built here at the end of the 19th century. Olga.

Today's Františkovy Lázně, although retaining the charm of the Habsburg resort, can also offer visitors many modern attractions. The most important of these is the Aquaforum, a water park stylized as ancient baths. There is also the Lesopark America game park with a nature trail and the renovated Salingsburg lookout tower. It is located within the artificial castle ruins built at the end of the 19th century, which were supposed to be an attraction for patients visiting Frantiskovy Lazne.

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