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Loket Castle

Local name: Hrad Loket

The Loket Stone Castle stands on top of a rocky hill towering over the city. Currently, its gates are open to tourists, they can visit the historic interiors, admire the views from the 26-meter Romanesque tower, as well as learn about the history of torture. An interesting archaeological exhibition was prepared here with vessels and meteorite remains discovered in the area.

Guests can also see an exhibition of porcelain with products from nearby, non-working factories and a room with collections of firearms and knightly armor.

The castle also reveals its dark side to guests - there is a reconstruction of the torture chamber with terrible tools used in the past to inflict pain and death. In the castle dungeons you can meet Štrakakal, a house elf with a book and brush, who, according to legend, tries to comb his tousled children.


Attractions inside

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    Zámecká 357 33 Loket , Czechia