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Jan Becher Museum

Local name: Muzeum Jana Bechera

The Jan Becher Museum is an institution dedicated to the Czech doctor Jan Becher, who created the recipe of the world-famous herbal liqueur "Becherovka". The institution is located on the site of the former Steinberk factory, built in 1867 by Jan Becher, where the famous drink was produced for over a hundred years.

In the museum dedicated to the history of "Becherovki", you can learn the secrets of its production and storage, see the pipeline connecting the cellars, through which the liqueur flowed, the original liquefaction process, richly decorated antique barrels or old bottles with yellow labels. A unique promotional film for "Becherovka" by the Caban brothers is screened in the projection room. The tour also includes tasting and the Becherovka store, where in addition to liqueur drinks you can buy souvenirs with the company logo. The villa district of the city also has a villa of the Becher family open to visitors, which has an interactive gallery for young artists.


Attractions inside

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