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Orchard Colonnade

Local name: Sadová kolonáda

The Sadowa Colonnade is a cast-iron structure from 1881 in the Swiss style, belonging to the Karlovy Vary spa area, in the shade of which you can drink water from the Snake (Hadí) and Sadowy (Sadový) springs.

The colonnade is a design of two Viennese architects: Ferdinand Fellner and Herman Helmer. Until the end of the 19th century, the building was part of the promenade of the Blansko exhibition pavilion. In the sixties of the twentieth century, the pavilion was completely demolished, only the cast-iron colonnade, which stands to this day, survived.

This is the most important object of the Dvořákový Sady garden. It was here that the outstanding Czech composer AntonínDvořák created and performed his most famous works.


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