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Salingburg Lookout Tower

Local name: Rozhledna Salingburg

Salingburg is a lookout tower standing on a hill 450 m above sea level. It has the form of the ruins of a medieval castle. From the summit, there is a panorama of the surrounding hills and the Franciszkowe Lazne spa.

Na Vyhlidce hill rises in the suburbs of the Františkovy Lázně spa. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the resort management sought to increase its attractiveness. Because there were no monuments here, it was decided to build artificial castle ruins. In addition, a vantage point was placed on their tower. The place quickly gained popularity and became a frequent destination for trips.

The name Salingburg comes from the source of Saling, whose spirit was to be Salinger. For the needs of construction, it was invented that it appeared in the ruins of the castle, which was called Salingburg. It is a stone building, consisting of a tower with a viewing platform, a fragment of a wall and a gate. They are decorated with soaring towers with pointed finials.


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