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Vávro lookout tower and footbridge

Local name: Vávrova rozhledna a lávka

The lookout tower at Zelena Hora was built in 1909. It is a stone structure in the form of a prism narrowing upwards. It refers to early medieval watchtowers. From the modern observation platform at the top, there is a view of the Bohemian and Slavkov Forests and the Ore Mountains.

The tower was built on the site of an earlier wooden viewing platform. It was one of the three towers built by representatives of German unions in the Czech Republic to commemorate Chancellor Otto Bismarck. After World War II, the tower was in the frontier zone and access to it was forbidden. At that time it fell into ruin. The renovation was carried out only in 2008. In addition to the necessary repairs, a modern, roofed viewing platform at the top was also made.

The tower is made of stone. Refers to Romanesque architecture. In the lower part there are arches based on columns that surround the square block. The tower narrows upwards. Its walls have narrow windows. The platform is equipped with panoramic boards enabling better orientation in the field.


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