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Burgundy is a region located in eastern France. It is known primarily for its excellent cuisine and wine production, but there are also many interesting monuments from the Middle Ages.

The capital of Burgundy is Dijon, which is famous in the world for the production of excellent mustard, In addition to the beautiful Old Town with narrow streets and tenement houses with half-timbered facades, you can also visit the mustard museum and take part in a show of its production.

However, mustard is not the only product that Burgundy is famous for. The region is overgrown with huge tracts of vineyards, which produce one of the most famous wines in the world. In addition, truffles that are considered an exclusive treat and an addition to dishes also grow here. You can learn the secrets of truffle collection at Maison de Milles Truffes et Champignans, a science center and museum dedicated to these mushrooms.

Among the many historic towns of Burgundy, Vezelay stands out with the UNESCO-listed Romanesque basilica of Saint. Mary Magdalene and Cluny with the Benedictine Abbey from the same period. In the Middle Ages it was the intellectual center of Christianity.

The landscape of Burgundy is formed by hills and river valleys that cross them. Between them you can see historic villages and villages with stone buildings. Numerous cycling and walking routes lead through here.

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