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Dijon Cathedral

Local name: Cathédrale de Dijon

The historic gothic cathedral was built in the years 1280-1393. It is 68 m long, 29 m wide and 93 m high, making it the tallest building in the city. Its austere facade is decorated with two galleries, a small rosette and a 19th-century portal with a tympanum depicting Jesus driving merchants out of the temple, and a relief showing the scene of the stoning of St. Stephen.

The first church was built on this site as early as 525. In 871 a Benedictine monastery was established there, and at the beginning of the 11th century a new Romanesque temple was consecrated. It was 100 meters long and was one of the largest churches at that time. It was destroyed in a fire that in 1137 consumed a large part of the city.

There is a restored crypt under the cathedral, dating from the beginning of the 11th century. It is 17 meters in diameter and is surrounded by a double ring of columns with 8 and 16 pillars respectively. It houses a chapel and the tomb of Władysław the White, the last representative of the Kuyavian Piasts.


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Place Saint Bénigne 21000 Dijon , France