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Museum of the Hôtel-Dieu

Local name: Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu

Hotel Dieu, also called the Beaune Hospice is a medieval hospital building for the poor. Built in the 15th century in the style of Dutch Gothic, it is distinguished by roofs made of colorful ceramic tiles. The interior of the sick room was recreated inside. The hospital chapel has survived.

The hospital was funded by Burgundy Chancellor Nicolas Rolin in 1445. It is a three-wing, two-story building with sloping roofs covered with geometric patterns made of ceramic tiles. It is adjacent to the Gothic chapel with a soaring turret on the bell. The courtyard is surrounded by balconies and the roofs feature characteristic bay windows for Dutch buildings with steep roofs.

Inside the building, you can see a sick room with 50 meters. The appearance of hospital beds separated from each other by curtains has been reconstructed. In the chapel you can admire examples of blackboard painting. The hospital has been hosting annual French wine auctions since the 19th century.


Attractions inside

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    Rue de l'Hôtel Dieu 21200 Beaune , France