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North Brabant covers almost the entire south of the Netherlands. It is part of a larger historical region also in Belgium. It is a region of great industrial importance, with the largest city of Eindhoven and many charming villages.

The region was separated as a result of the division of Brabant between Belgium and the Netherlands. It is often called the "driving wheel" of the country. Important industrial plants, including Philips and DAF, have their headquarters here.

The capital of the region is s-Hertogenbosch, the historic city where Hieronim Bosch was born. It houses many art galleries and museums, including those presenting works of the greatest European masters, led by Pablo Picasso.

Unlike s-Hertogenbosch, the largest city in the Eindhoven region is primarily an industrial center and a knowledge transfer center between the local polytechnic and other centers in the country and industrial plants.

In addition to major cities, North Brabant is full of small towns, villages, areas cut through canals and windmills. Its landscape is an image of a typical Netherlands, and it can be traveled both on foot and by bike through a dense network of trails.

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