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Daf Museum

Local name: Daf Museum

DAF is a worldwide known brand of Dutch trucks, and in fact also passenger cars, vans, buses, fire trucks, military vehicles and racing cars. They can be viewed at the DAF Museum founded in 1990-1992, i.e. shortly before DAF declared its insolvency. The brand was founded by former employees and brand enthusiasts.

The two-story museum hall resembles a large repair workshop. Hundreds of cars are presented according to purpose and in chronological order. Particularly interesting, because less known is the passenger car series. Established in 1928, the concern produced passenger cars until the 1970s, when it sold all its structures to Swedish Volvo.

In addition to large trucks, passenger cars and special-purpose cars, there are also numerous prototypes. One of the most interesting exhibits in this group is a royal beach car, built on the basis of the DAF 32 structure, and a tricycle called "mobile raincoat" (due to its small size).


Attractions inside

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    Tongelresestraat 275613 DA Eindhoven , Netherlands