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The port city on the Garonne near its mouth to Gironde, which has been an important center of trade since the Middle Ages. Its representative buildings with the monumental square de la Bourse were established in the 17th and 18th centuries, and in 2007 the historic center was entered on the UNESCO list.

Thanks to its location, Bordeaux has functioned since the Middle Ages as a river port connecting to both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to this, it became a center of trade in deep sea trade as well. The city's enrichment led to its development and expansion. In the 18th century, its medieval buildings were partially demolished, leaving only some churches, such as the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of St. Andrew, in its place creating a wide esplanade, boulevards and terraces of Louis XVIII with a beautiful view of the river. Place de la Bourse was also built then, with the surface covered with a thin surface of water, in which the surrounding late Baroque and Classicist buildings are reflected.

Bordeaux is also synonymous with French wine for many. The area is conducive to the cultivation of vine, and the local production methods of noble runes have been perfected since Roman times, which made them considered one of the best wines in the world.

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