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Opera National de Bordeaux - Grand Theater

Local name: Opéra National de Bordeaux - Grand-Théâtre

The National Opera - Grand Theater in Bordeaux was built in the second half. Eighteenth century and represents the classical style. The author of the historic building was architect Victor Louis. Visitors can admire, among others a column portico crowned with a balustrade with 9 statues of muses and three goddesses: Juno, Venus and Minerva. Due to the mainly wooden structure, the building has excellent acoustics. The theater hosts numerous opera performances and ballet performances.

The first premiere took place in 1780 and it was the dramatic play 'Athile' by Jean Racine, whose performance was commissioned by Marshal Richelieu. Ballet performances were inaugurated in 1789 by 'La Fille mal gardée', whose choreographer was the ballet master Marius Petipa.

The Grand Theater was also a meeting place for the French Parliament in times of danger, including during the Franco-Prussian war.


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