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Stock Market Square

Local name: Place de la Bourse

Stock Exchange Square in Boreaux is a model eighteenth-century urban arrangement. A horseshoe-shaped square with an area of over 3,000 square meters is surrounded by neoclassical, monumental public buildings. Currently, a large part of the square is occupied by a fountain. A mirror effect was obtained due to the water flowing out of it and the constantly persistent wet surface of the square.

The square was marked out in the mid-18th century. Builders of St. Petersburg based their designs on them. The monumental buildings of the square are formed by two semi-arched buildings of the former Stock Exchange and the Fermes Hotel. They have symmetrical facades with rows of windows. They are covered with mansard roofs.

At the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, the square gained a new attraction. It is a facade built into its surface, from which water and water mist flow. In hot weather this is a great way to cool down. At the same time, the water falling on the square makes the whole surface resemble a mirror. The buildings surrounding the square are reflected in it, giving the impression of three-dimensionality.


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    Stock Market Square map
    Place de la Bourse 33000 Bordeaux , France