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Salisbury is a historic city that is still somewhat overshadowed by a much more famous attraction. A dozen or so kilometers to the north there is Stonehenge, a megalistic structure considered to be one of the most famous historic buildings in the world.

For many people, Salisbury is primarily a base from which to explore Stonehege. The beginnings of the construction of the stone circle date back to around 2950 BC, although older burials have also been found within it. Scientists are still not sure what the building was for and how it was used, which does not prevent sun worshipers, followers of the Old Celtic beliefs for their rituals, gathering here. The Stonehege Center was established next to the circle, which presents items found during excavations carried out in this place and systematizes the knowledge about the building.

The Salisbury Museum also has an exhibition dedicated to Stonehenge. In addition to the archaeological collection, you can also learn about the history of the city and its most important monuments. In the past, Salisbury was situated in a place called Old Sarum. It was here that the first settlement was established in the Bronze Age. Today, from the hill, you can admire the panorama of the city with the 123-meter-high cathedral tower towering over the buildings.

The highlight of Salisbury is its Gothic cathedral with the tallest church spire in Britain. From its top you can admire the panorama of the city and its surroundings. One of the four preserved copies of the Magna Carta Libertarum, a document issued in 1215 by John without the Earth, is a valuable relic stored in the cathedral treasury.

In the vicinity of the cathedral, there is the old town with largely preserved medieval buildings. Its decorations are picturesque timber-frame houses and the gothic church of St. Thomas with polychromes depicting, among others the doomsday scene.

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