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Avebury Manor & Garden

Avebury Manor is a historic manor house from the early 16th century, located near the neolithic monument in Avebury. The estate is still inhabited, but part of it is open to the public. It is also worth seeing the adjacent garden. It was rebuilt in the 20th century. It is divided into so-called formal gardens and a hedge, trimmed in such a way that it creates original rooms.

The manor was built on the site or near the monastery from the 12th century. Its foundations were used during the construction of a new residence in 1548.

The property has a reputation of being haunted by several ghosts. One of them is the spirit of Sir John Stawell, who was stripped of his property at the end of the English Civil War, including Avebury Manor. Be warned of the strong smell of roses before its appearance. Another apparition is the so-called The White Lady, considered the ghost of a young woman who unfortunately loved Cavalier and committed suicide by throwing herself out of the window. Apparently not only the manor, but also the garden.



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