Stonehenge is a megalithic building from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. It has the form of a kromlech, i.e. a circle of vertically placed boulders that surrounds an earth embankment. The outer circle consists of 30 stones and has a diameter of about 40 m. Inside it is a second circle built of blue boulders. The next two are shaped like horseshoes, and in the center lies the so-called Altar Stone. Due to the numerous damage caused by tourists, currently the building can only be viewed from behind the fence.

There are many theories about the function Stonehenge was to perform. According to the most popular, its specific structure referred to the astronomical calendar or the circles were to be a place of religious worship and meeting of druids. According to another hypothesis, it was to be a monument to the glory of the British tribes joining. There are also quite fantastic theories about the influence of extraterrestrial civilizations or the relationship of Stonehenge with the civilization of ancient Egypt.



Stonehenge map
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