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Avebury Stone Circles

The Neolithic monument consists of three stone circles surrounding the village of Avebury. The outer circle is 1 km long. Originally it consisted of about 100 boulders, but only 27 of them have survived to this day. Only single stones remain of the inner circles.

The circles were built in the Neolithic period, most likely in the years 2850-2200 BC. Together with other places of this type, such as Silbury Hill and Windmill Hill, nearby, they were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They are now owned by the National Trust.

Unlike the famous Stonehenge, access to Avebury Circles is unlimited. There is a walking path along the boulders, you can also walk directly to them. There are two tourist shops in the village itself and the Alexander Keiller Museum, which houses local archaeological collections.



Avebury Stone Circles map
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